Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 8: Voter Subsidy and Veterans Affairs

Conservatives: Campaign Finance Reform
Liberals: Day off for Ignatieff
NDP: Help for Veterans

Again, we'll start the day by analyzing the NDP proposal, if for no other reason than they had the most substantive announcement of the day.  The largest (read: costliest) part of the NDP plan is to rollback cuts to retired and disabled pensions for Canadian Forces and RCMP officers.  They are also promising to restore the Service Income Security Insurance Plan which is a term-life and disability insurance plan for Veterans and their families.  No further details were released.
Cost: Unspecified

The Prime Minister spent the day in Ottawa, presumably doing the Prime Ministerial work that he's been neglecting for the last 8 days on the road.  The announcement of cutting the per-vote subsidy to the political parties is almost identical to the one that forced the Coalition Crisis in December of 2008.  This time he is promising to phase out the subsidy over 3 years.
Cost: $-27.2 Million

The Liberal party had no announcements today in preparation of the release of their full platform on Sunday.

Winners of the day?  Tough to call - The Liberals didn't make any promises to spend more, the NDP released a policy that few could argue against, and so did the Conservatives.  A good day for taxpayers all around.

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