Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Note to Mr. Layton

Mr. Layton - I have a question for you and you alone.

You keep telling me that individuals matter, that seniors matter, that families matter.  You keep telling me that all of these groups are having trouble making ends meet and that a tax cut on heating fuel would help them out a lot.

Except that you are advocating a tax hike on the very same sectors of the economy that PRODUCE that heating fuel in whatever form it's used.  Not only that, you are seeking to apply a cap and trade system that will disproportionately increase costs for businesses in that same sector.  By doing this, Mr Layton, you will structurally INCREASE costs for these companies... costs which they will then pass along to the consumer.

In essence, Mr Layton, you will increase the cost of those same fuels more than any tax cut on these fuels can decrease.

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