Friday, November 4, 2011

Party leaders' final-week travel plans are truly telling

Party leaders' final-week travel plans are truly telling

The Friday before the election, it's time to clear the decks.

I read the above article by Murray Mandryk, and there were a couple of questions I had for Murray:

Wall's Monday morning announcement at the Emerald Park Child Care co-op was undoubtedly a safe campaign photo opportunity that politicians love and reporters tend to hate - mostly because they are so darn effective.

First question for Murray, is why would a supposedly neutral reporter hate a campaign event that is effective?

Second question.  If reporters hate them so much, why would they bother to show up?  There is an adage in politics that you "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel".  Wouldn't it make sense that it's the reporting of the event that makes them so effective?  If a campaign event happens and nobody shows up to report it, would it really be effective?

Just a little food for thought for our "neutral" political reporters.
I can't disagree with the rest of the analysis that states that the NDP seem to be in trouble (much like the Liberals were in the last election) when they choose to target formerly safe seats to campaign in during the last week of the election rather than targeting possible seats that could be picked up.

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