Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What took him so long?

No PST on clothing for children up to 17: Premier Brad Wall

Premier Brad Wall announced in a press conference on Tuesday that his government make good on their "first campaign promise" by November 15, and extend the PST exemption on chidren's clothing from those under 14 to those under 17.

I mean honestly, he's been reelected for 15 hours, and he didn't announce anything yet? What was he waiting for?

Good to see that he's already hitting the ground running. Good to see that he's pursuing a growth agenda and wants to get the province to 1.1 million in 4 years. Good also to see that he wants to pay off the debt within the next decade and hopefully sooner.

My wish list is for him to implement one of the pieces from the NDP platform - reduce the small business tax rate to zero. Having said that, they should also reduce the general corporate tax rate by a similar amount so that more money is left in the hands of those who would create jobs. The only other thing that I would like to see is for Saskatchewan to become the first right-to-work province in Canada. It is absurd that unions don't need to report financials to their members nor do they need to be accountable for how the money gets spent. David Akin was partially right on Sun News last night - he complained about the lack of accountability legislation and the fact that a corporation or union could donate whatever they wanted to a political party or candidate. This election proved him right as the unions were the ones running the negative ads while the NDP maintained their rosy positive ads. In Saskatchewan, corporations understand that they have to work with both flavours of government, and so they tend to stay out of the fight in order to avoid a certain Orange Crush of their own. Unfortunately, the unions haven't been taught that lesson, and are unlikely to ever be taught it. I would say that Ontario has a similar problem with this issue though.

One last thing - kudos to Sun News Network on the quality of their broadcast, and the chutzpah to devote virtually its entire prime time slots to a province in which it doesn't currently hold a permanent establishment, and which covers only 3% of the population of the country. It is interesting to note that not even the taxpayer funded CBC Newsworld devoted as much time or resources to our little election, never mind it's regular affiliates. For all they did, thanks Sun News.

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