Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saskatoon NW Byelection called

NDP candidate chosen for Saskatoon Northwest | News Talk 650 CKOM

They're batting a thousand when it comes to recent by-elections. And the Province's NDP Leader hopes to keep that streak alive.

"I'd always rather win then lose, there's no doubt about that," said Lingenfelter.

Lingenfelter, and the NDP are counting on Jan Dyky to give them another seat in the Legislature.

This is the fourth by-election since the last general election in 2007.

"We've won three out of three so far. I'd like to have the record at four for four," said Lingenfelter.

Okay, so let's be honest Mr. Lingenfelter - all three byelections that the NDP have won were in ridings that might be considered strongholds for your party. Cumberland has always gone CCF/NDP. Douglas Park is in an NDP stronghold (and honestly, if you can't get elected as party leader, then what CAN you do for your party). Saskatoon Riversdale, with the exception of 1 election in the 80s, has been solidly NDP as well. These byelections SHOULD have gone to the NDP, and realistically, if all you have to go on is that you're batting 1000 for the 3 byelections since the last general election, then you're going to be sadly disappointed come October 18th.

I wish the NDP good luck on this one, but I would agree with the Premier that this is a referendum on the Sask Party's leadership - if the NDP wins the riding, then it could be said that the government is losing ground with the electorate. If the Sask Party wins, then the question will be whether it was decisive enough. Either way, it will be an interesting race.


  1. What is NDP position on the matter currently before the supreme court of BC? (polygamy reference case). Saskatchewan party Don Morgan has stated his Family Law legislation allows a family court judge to recognize and legitimize married persons claims to have more than one simultaneous spouse. The rest of Canada Family legislation allows and recognizes only one spouse at a time. Therefore, Saskatchewan Party supports polygamy. S.51 of the Saskatchewan Family Property Act (formerly the marriage act) allows the court to sanction multiple conjugal unions via “recognition” of multiple sametime spouses. S.293 of the Criiminal Code of Canada makes it iillegal to be a partner to polygamy or to assist or sanction more than one spouse at a time. What does NDP support?

  2. I have no idea what the NDP supports. I was unaware of this legislation, and as it doesn't affect me I will defer discussion to those more learned than myself on the subject.

    On a personal level, I could really care less how many spouses a person has as long as that person isn't forcing me, through the coercion of the state, to support them. I also have a softer libertarian point of view in that I could care less how many spouses a person has as long as nobody in the relationship(s) (including children) is being abused.

    Like it or not, there are major religions which promote or allow polygamy, including factions of Christianity.