Monday, July 4, 2011

The "Human Right" to procreate

I’m sorry Miss Pearce, I may be soft-hearted but I’m not soft-headed. I refuse to work hard and pay for your “human right” to sponge, and rear a child who will sponge with you.

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H/T: Charles Adler


  1. I just read an article by Dan Leger who said that $1.1 billion federal monies spent on culture in this country is a mere pittance. The "I am entitled to my entitlements" culture knows no end and sees no economic situation whereby austerity should be practiced.

  2. I'd love a link if you have one, Darren.

  3. This is precisely what bothered me when I had my own kids.
    I go to work everyday to support my family.
    And the government takes almost half my money.
    Tax Freedom Day this year was June 6.
    I would have had more than two kids if I was allowed to keep more of my money to care for them properly.

    Instead, we have a system that incentivizes people not to work and have more children than they can afford.
    In fact, it reduces the value of their lives to simply being breeders.

    Government policy forces me to subsidize those who have neither the means nor the inclination to care for themselves.
    I hear this every day on the bus to and from work.
    I hear teenage druggie couples talking about all the goodies and services that are available to them because they are expecting a baby.

    Here's my modest proposal:

    People should be able to demonstrate they can care for their children above the poverty line before they can have them.
    If they can't, then they shouldn't be allowed.

    Cue the outrage from all corners.
    I don't care.

    We already legislate on the viability of the mentally handicapped becoming parents.
    Or who should be allowed to drive a car.
    It's not that much of a stretch to mandate reproduction licences.

    And I dare any leftist to prove otherwise.