Saturday, July 2, 2011

Like getting beaten over the head with a big fat Rainbow stick

As I watched this video, the only thing I could think was that Rob Ford made the right decision in not bowing to the pressure.  Not necessarily because I didn't think he should go, but because this would have happened regardless of if he had shown up.

Just once though, I would like to see an activist actually think about the imagery that they are portraying.  The fact that they are on camera bashing Ford (in effigy) with a big stick with a rainbow handle tells you all you need to know about their frame of mind and that Pride week isn't about pride anymore.

h/t Canadian Conservative

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  1. There really doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm in the crowd, or even with the people doing the bashing. I'm guessing the people who thought of the idea expected a blood-thristy crowd reaction, but it failed. It just seemed like a stunt that didn't work.