Monday, July 4, 2011

Skipped computer test blamed for StatsCan error

Skipped computer test blamed for StatsCan error - Saskatchewan - CBC News

Of course, the real story is... "We screwed up, give us more money and more unfettered access to personal information."

The documents do not indicate why the crucial test was omitted, but refer in general to "challenges in regards to funding and finding IT expertise for IT conversion, especially given the complexity and scope of the project."
I don't care how many computer glitches you have in your data, a knowledgeable professional should have known that the information was wrong and ensured that the release wasn't done. A knowledgeable professional would have acknowledged the error and been transparent in the revision of the numbers, especially when they almost triple the growth forecast for the province. In fact, and knowledgeable professional DID spot the error and question it.

Unfortunately for Statistics Canada, that knowledgeable professional was with RBC.

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