Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The problem with public servants

... is that they don't know what the public actually thinks is important anymore.

Harper to be targeted by government union:

The union has asked its members to lobby lawmakers in their constituencies, a strategy that could be especially effective in districts where Conservatives won by a narrow margin, Gordon said. The union will also try to sway public opinion by calling attention to any services that are cut as a result of the government’s efforts to eliminate the deficit.

“We are going to let the community know what their” lawmakers have done, Gordon said. “There were a number of them that didn’t win with too many votes,” he said, referring to Conservative lawmakers.

The problem with this strategy, is if the general public doesn't see a problem with a particular program getting cut then this strategy may backfire.  Think of it... if the average person, who sees the government spending record amounts and in a deficit position, is told that the government cut a program that doesn't affect them, are they really going to care?  They may actually be happy that the program was cut so that the government takes care of that deficit.

Realistically, people are only going to care if it affects them directly in the pocketbook.  To be quite honest, it doesn't take 400,000 people to write a cheque.


  1. Harper has always been targeted by PSAC.
    That they would say anything now is just saber rattling.
    And they have to say it to look tough to their membership.
    That they need to feel that they have to say anything at all in public is proof of their impotence.
    They can't change anything that is going to happen to them.

  2. I disagree. There's a lot that they can do in the "political" theatre. They can leak documents, they can work to rule, they can become even less efficient with every cut made. In short, they can make life hell for the governing party and make them look extremely incompetent. The Conservatives and the cabinet ministers would be well served to scrutinize every decision made by the civil service for the next 4 years.

  3. Simple solution, put the names of every union member into a huge drum, and then have the govt announce that for every act of leaking a document, or other disruption, PMSH will go on live tv and draw 10 names at random, those names to be fired on the spot, without severance or pension.