Monday, July 11, 2011

Re: Gun Registry Seperatism

BACK OFF GOVERNMENT!: Gun Registry Seperatism: "The Quebec government, stubbornly, is considering passing a long-gun registry of it's very own if Ottawa turfs the federal one. How quaint..."

Not only is Quebec looking to do their own registry if the federal government successfully shuts the national one down, CKOM reports that Quebec will be looking for "help" from the federal government when they do so. One can only assume that that help is monetary, but I have a thought for Quebec:

You wanted the registry all this time, you pay $1 Billion and it's yours. The federal government will, of course, delete all information from the rest of the provinces, leaving a registry with just Quebec names. How does that sound to them?



    The Feds have said the Provinces are welcome to have their own Registries,but the Feds won't help to pay for it.

    I bet B.C. will be neck and neck with Ontario to implement a Provincial LG Registry the minute the Feds finally fulfill their promise and dump the damned thing.

  2. Great!

    Three provinces to pay for it. $750 million per province. That's something I can get behind.

  3. Don't be too sure Ontario will want to implement this.

  4. I would think that Vancouver and Toronto would lead the charge to have Provincial registries should the Conservatives close the national LGR.

    Rural B.C. and Ontario might not like it,but it'd play big in the cities.