Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's the middle of April, are you angry enough for a flat tax?

Are you angry enough for a flat tax?

Actually, I don't think ANYONE can really get angry enough to support one tax or another, but there are certain cases where it makes sense.

Think of it... Your tax return includes more demographic information than it contains real income calculations. Your accountant works to help you make money rather than trying to help you save income taxes. It would be a complete change in attitude, and if you set the exemptions up properly, there would be no issue with lower income persons paying a disproportionate share.

But that's the thing... everyone has their own ideas of what or what is not a disproportionate share of income taxes. If you ask the people at Policynote, it's not enough that low income people pay little or no tax in British Columbia, business owners should be forced to pay higher and higher wages as well for no tangible benefit. It's not even thought of that often the business owners being forced to pay a minimum wage are often living on much less than minimum wage themselves. There is no discussion there that a low minimum wage encourages workers to educate themselves out of their minimum wage jobs, that very few permanently employed workers work for minimum wage, and that the largest force pushing wages higher isn't the minimum wage but a shortage of qualified workers. I, of course, digress.

The point is that few people like taxes, but nobody will say what they feel their proper level of taxation is.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that the less money in the hands of the government, the better off everyone is... I haven't seen a lot of people that necessarily disagree with that statement, and the agreement crosses the political spectrum.

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