Monday, May 30, 2011

Artists face adversity

Artists face adversity - Meadow Lake Progress - Saskatchewan, CA

There is a well known adage that if you don't like something, vote with your feet.

Don't like how a business treated you? Don't go back there. Don't like the food? Don't eat there.

While I don't disagree with censorship, I don't believe that these filmmakers are necessarily being persecuted for the art that they are producing. The fact is that these filmmakers are creating a show at the pleasure of the people who give them access to their resources. If those people find the finished product objectionable, it isn't censorship for them to take the project up the road, its a natural reaction.

Similar to the "punk" band that ended up in a fecal storm over producing an objectionable album with government money, the principle comes down to it not being censorship if resources are withdrawn. These filmmakers can make whatever film that they want, but they still have to retain the good graces of those who are helping them. These resources just happen to be voting with their feet.

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