Friday, May 20, 2011

Getting from scandal to substance

Getting from scandal to substance

Shocks, apparently, are another matter. How else to explain Harper's decision this week to appoint three failed Conservative candidates to the Senate? Astonishing contempt for public opinion? Arrogance worthy of the detested Liberals? A "slap in the face" to voters as Jack Layton claimed -and to Harper's faithful western supporters, especially?

I'm sorry Susan, I didn't realize that Mssrs Smith, Manning and Ms. Verner were participating in a Senate election.

Oh wait, I forgot - Quebec and Newfoundland don't see it as being necessary to elect senators, choosing to allow the Prime Minister the unfettered power to appoint the people he sees fit.

This shouldn't be a reflection on Mr. Harper and the judicious use of his powers, this is a reflection on the provinces who refuse to do what he asks - to advise him through a democratic election as to who they want to represent them in the Senate. Until they do that, he is being left with no choice, especially when existing senators attempt to force him to fill vacancies by requesting that the Governor General does so without his advice.


  1. Has ANYONE noticed that more people are talking about Senate reform than ever before?
    Could that be his plan from the beginning?
    Underestimating the Prime Minister has made monkeys out of the opposition.

  2. "How else to explain Harper's decision this week to appoint three failed Conservative candidates to the Senate?"

    It's called,"business as usual", and I'll give it some consideration the day the leftist shills of the MSM cry the same outrage over Liberal patronage.

    At least Harper hasn't yet appointed an about-to-be-convicted grafter Ambassador to Denmark,or some other French speaking Country.

    It doesn't make me happy, but in Ottawa that's the way they do it,end of story.

  3. One thing I've noticed about Mr. Harper is that he doesn't push his agenda, he gives the people a reason for wanting it. As far as I'm concerned, this was a strategic move. The press bleeps in the direction he wants, and won't be able to backtrack when he starts his senate reform agenda.

  4. All this hand wringing - so who administers the purity test - Liberals or the NDP? Prime Minister Harper has been advocating for reform for decades - now everyone is shocked, horrified, surprised? As my favourite commentator, Bugs Bunny, used to say (I will modify his wisdom to fit the situation) - "what a bunch of maroons". PM Harper played the long game - everyone else was looking for the first down. Cheers.