Friday, May 6, 2011

If a majority is illegitimate at less than 50% of the popular vote...

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Then nothing done under Lester Pearson is legitimate.  This includes:

1.  The CPP
2.  Universal Health Care
3.  Student Loans
4.  The current Canadian Flag
5.  The Order of Canada.
6.  The 40 hour work week
7.  Two weeks paid vacation
8.  Minimum Wage law

Furthermore, nothing done under Trudeau should stand, including:

1.  The Charter of Rights and Freedoms
2.  Decriminalization of homosexual acts
3.  Legalization of contraception
4.  Legalization of abortion
5.  Legalization of lotteries
6.  Gun Ownership restrictions
7.  Liberalization of divorce laws
8.  Institution of breathalyzer tests for drunk drivers.
9.  Regional development programs
10. Official Bilingualism
11. Repatriation of the Constitution.

How about Mulroney?  Well, he only had 50% for his first term, but let's be honest, without most of the previous, Mulroney wouldn't have had to do a lot of what he did, including:

1.  The GST
2.  Meech Lake Accord
3.  Charlottetown Accord
4.  8 additional Senators

1.  Changes to the Young Offender's Act
2.  The Clarity Act
3.  The Sponsorship Scandal
4.  The Sea King Helicopter replacement deal being cancelled

You see?  It's all a matter of perspective.  I hope that people remember this before they start spouting about how 60% of the country voted AGAINST this newly minted majority government.


  1. Excellent result. The Left needs even more parties, to slice-n-dice their votes even more!

  2. I'm just curious which 8 seats the NDP would like to give up if they went to their vaunted proportional representation.

  3. I'm wondering how many of their new Quebec MPs would still be MPs under a prop rep system.

  4. "Chretien," not Cretien. And the deal for helicopters in 1993 was not for Sea Kings, it was for the EH-101. The Sea King was the helicopter to be replaced.