Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Students walk out in advance of teachers strike

Students walk out in advance of teachers strike - Saskatchewan - CBC News

"I think the teachers deserve their raise," said Kelsey Brown, one of the students at the legislature. "They do so much for us. They know us almost as well as our parents know us, maybe more."

Okay, first off it's sad that any student would say with a straight face that their teachers know them better than their own parents know them.

Secondly, it is sad that this reasoning should be used to justify a wage increase for anyone, let alone teachers. This is not what we pay teachers for, and to be quite frank, just because the teacher KNOWS you, doesn't mean that they are doing their job well.

Kody Mark, who attends F.W. Johnson Collegiate, said teachers are needed during poor economic conditions.
"Without teachers, we cannot honestly have students learning these new careers to stabilize our economy," he said.
Sorry Kody, you too have the wrong point. Y'see Kody there is no danger of teachers being cut, but that not withstanding, even someone your age should be able to cut through the BS that you just spouted.

Can't see it? Wanna hint?

The teachers you are talking about. The ones that are SO invaluable in your eyes don't actually teach anything that will help you get one of those new careers. All these teachers are is a feeder system to post-secondary education, and the first line of weeding of prospective students for university. That's it.

Oh, and one more thing if the teachers REALLY cared about you kids, they wouldn't be threatening to strike over first 12% in one year, and now 16% over 3 years.

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  1. If these students want to give their teachers a raise then tell them to get a job and pay for it.