Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Punk band’s controversial album recalled

Punk band’s controversial album recalled | Canada | News | Edmonton Sun

Subtitled The Poo Testament, Holy S--- made headlines when Heritage Minister James Moore said, "it's one thing for art to be edgy, it's another thing for art to be deliberately attacking a group of Canadians based on their faith."

That's censorship! Those evil nasty Conservatives and their right wing mouthpieces at Sun News are censoring these artists by... exposing the hypocrisy of a punk band taking government money to produce an album this steeped in crap.

Realistically, I could care less if this "punk" band sold out and took government money to produce their album... unless most of their songs are about the evils of taking government money, that is. What I do care about is when that same "punk" band takes money from a government of the people... ALL the people... and then uses that money to attack a particular group of those people.

Let's be clear though - this isn't about a band parodying the Christian faith through excrement - I'm pretty sure that I'd feel the same way if it were a reimagining of the Koran or the Torah in the same way. No, this is more about the disrespect of citizens of the country by a band being given money by the government to do the same.

I applaud Living with Lions for giving the money back and vowing to reproduce the album without government funding. To be quite honest though, I'm also disappointed in them as well - not because I particularly cared to see an album like this one on the shelves, but because they didn't have the courage in their convictions to merely repay the government funding and leave the album on the market. I'm sure there are a lot of people, both foreign and domestic, who would love to buy this album, but by taking the album off the market, we'll never know how popular this album based in excrement really would have been.

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