Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No one is illegal?

No one is illegal? : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

So let's see if I have this one right... Nobody is illegal because the Canadian government is illegitimate, and we're all occupiers on "Turtle Island". And if we're all occupiers of "Turtle Island", then there should be no limit on those who want to come here and take advantage of our social safety net, even though the Canadian government which provides those services is illegitimate. And did I mention that we are occupiers and we don't belong here, but since we're here, everybody should come here and take advantage of the services and wealth of people who aren't supposed to be here? And did I forget to mention that Canada is racist?

My head's starting to hurt over this one. Watch the video for yourself. I was just as incredulous as Mr. Lilley was listening to her, and I'm glad that he let her state her point (as incongruous as it was) so that there was no doubt left that she was allowed to speak her piece and make her case.

To be honest though, the problem with her argument isn't that it's crazy - it's that it tried to wrap all the usual talking points into one coherent argument and failed miserably. If she had stopped at making the point that there should be no borders and thus there are no illegal immigrants, she might have had a point. If she had pointed out that Canadian society as we know it is built on an occupation of "Turtle Island" then she would have sounded coherent - even though she's the wrong race to be making that argument. If she hadn't tried to make the case that Canadian society would still provide all the benefits we enjoy without the Canadian Government to pull it all together and provide those services (not to mention take money from "the rich" to pay for those services) then the argument would actually make sense. Because she tried to tie all this together, because she tried to get all her talking points into one line of reasoning, she ended up marginalizing herself and her cause.


  1. It's always the big bad whites who cause the problems..no one ever wanted to come to Canada because of Islamic oppression and war..oh no..that doesn't fit the narrative.

    The woman only wants to have a discussion where she/they define the terms and the parameters of what is to be discussed.The starting point is that Canada ( as a state) is illegal.

    How's that for a starting point?

    What hogwash.I hope that these people receive no govt funding to spout this BS.

  2. Typical lefty, she wouldn't answer any of the questions, and cried "racist" and "white supremacist" at the drop of her imaginary hard done by hat. She was either stoned or just not too bright. She deserves to be laughed at, thanks to Sun News for exposing these anti-white anti-Canada reverse racists!

  3. The question I have, is whether she actually thinks this appearance was a win because she got her talking points out. I hope her and her cohorts think that this was a win so that Sun News can expose the twisted logic of these groups. I wonder if they'll try to get Kairos on next. :)