Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cue the conspiracy theories

Idiots with bombs in Ottawa

And shortly thereafter, cue the conspiracy theorists.

Now, there should be no question that firebombing ANYTHING is a bad idea. It should also go without saying that the group that did it had a very specific goal.

What I find odd though is that both of those people think that the reason for this firebombing was something other than what it really is. A group took responsibility for it... it was a previously not famous group. They had a very specific goal in mind for this act, and it had nothing to do with giving the government more power nor did it have anything to do with equating the left with terrorism.

Regardless of my feelings about the groups most likely to commit such an act, what it comes down to is that this group is angry about their place in society, and they feel that the only way to call attention to it is through actions such as these. I sincerely hope that the perpetrators are caught and that they are punished accordingly.

As for "Dr" Dawg's contention that this makes the left look like bad guys, I just have one thing to say:

Hitler headed a SOCIALIST party and was more akin to the political left in Canada than to the right.


  1. "In response, Nazis declared support for a form of socialism that is to provide for the nation: economic security, social welfare programs for workers, a just wage, honour for workers' importance to the nation, and protection from capitalist exploitation.[18] Nazism, however, rejected class conflict-based socialism and economic egalitarianism, favouring instead a stratified economy with classes based on merit and talent, retaining private property, and the creation of national solidarity that transcends class distinction.[18] To rescue Germany from the effects of the Great Depression, Nazism promoted an economic “third position”; a managed economy that was neither capitalist nor communist."

    I'm sorry Dawg, two things - 1) this sounds a hell of a lot closer to the Liberal and NDP parties of today (commonly accepted as being left of centre), and 2) the Nazis hated Jews - now I wonder, which political parties associate themselves the most with groups that hate Jews and deny the holocaust...

    I'll let you think on that one... you purport to be a Dr, so I would assume that you're smart enough to make the connection.

  2. Not to take up too much more of your valuable space here, but the Nazi programme resembles Liberals and NDP about as much as a duck resembles an otter. Try to be a little less superficial.

    Holocaust-deniers, by the way, are an almost exclusively right-wing phenomenon.

    Finally, not that it's relevant: PhD, Glasgow, 1973.

    We're done here, I think.

  3. Tell us more about Holocaust denial, Dawg. While you're at it, tell us how many people were killed in Germany as part of the Holocaust.

  4. Yeah, see I wasn't going to bothering answering Dawg when he provides no links to information.

    I, of course, would also be interested in Dawg's take on the biggest white supremacist group of them all, the KKK, and their working against the Republican party to achieve their goals of subverting and oppressing all those who weren't white anglo saxon protestants.

    Of course, if one reads anything about the KKK, they would quickly realize that the Klan really couldn't be put on the political spectrum because they had no policies other than racism.

    Not that any of this would sway our interesting PHD in... what is it Dawg, Poetry? English Literature?