Saturday, March 13, 2010

CBC News - World - Canadian wheelchair user beaten in Australia

CBC News - World - Canadian wheelchair user beaten in Australia

What it REALLY comes down to, is respect. Respect for your elders, and respect for society as a whole.

This sentiment isn't necessarily limited to conservative or liberal. The problem is that neither side really knows how to fix this.

But when you look at it, the first thing a conservative minded friend of mine wanted to do was impose a curfew. His liberal minded friend agreed with him. I have to humbly disagree with both. A curfew may fix the problem, until our young people recognize that police can't be everywhere at once. Once this realization sets in, then a curfew will become a non-issue, and something more for us to roll our eyes at.

No, the solution boils down to respect. I may sound like an old geezer here, but kids these days aren't developing respect for their elders, and it starts with kids around my age. It was right when I was in the middle of my formative years that they removed corporal punishment from the schools. After that point, it seems that kids growing up have had less and less respect for property and for others.

So what's the simple solution? Make the parents serve the same punishment as their children if their children do something wrong? Perhaps beef up the Youth Criminal Justice Act? Keep criminals in jail longer for crimes, reducing the risk and opportunity of recidivism? Maybe it comes down to the state taking the gloves off parents to raise their kids as they see fit. Perhaps in the end, it comes down to giving parents real consequences for not teaching their children properly.

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