Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Re: ILO blasts anti-labour laws adopted by Saskatchewan

ILO blasts anti-labour laws adopted by Saskatchewan

So I have a few questions to ask, the first and foremost among them is "Who is the ILO" and the second being "Why do I care what they think?"

A quick google search shows that the ILO is a UN Agency that "promotes decent work for all". The second question is not so easy to answer.

The fact that organized labour felt that they needed to go outside of the province's court system. Outside of the country's court system, to an international organization who has no jurisdiction and little power to make changes tells you all you need to know about what organized labour thinks its chances are in a regular court system.

The laws as they are promote greater democracy and make a union work harder to organize a group of workers. The laws as they are protect general society in the event of a strike to ensure that those people who are essential will continue to do their jobs. Bill 80 promotes choice among workers as to whom they want representing them.

None of these are evil goals unless you are a union leader who has never had to deal with these issues before. For the workers they represent, however, these changes may be a godsend.

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