Friday, March 12, 2010

Rallying For Chiropractic Care | News Talk 650 CKOM

Rallying For Chiropractic Care | News Talk 650 CKOM

So the Chiropractors are concerned about the affordability of their services to lower income people. They contend that lower income people may choose to burden the health system rather than pay the extra $12 to go to a Chiropractor.

I say follow the money.

Chiropractors don't like this because all of a sudden, the true cost of their services is revealed to their clientele. It is harder for them to take a rate increase. It is harder for them to collect, and yes, they may even lose clients in the early going.

Those clients will be back though. I'm personally not a user of chiropractic services, but I do know some people who swear by them. For me though, it's about pure business. These people will come up with the money if they truly need the service.

In my business, I too have a high charge out rate. I too run an office and pay salaries. I too am in an industry where people can choose whether or not to engage my services. The difference is that my services don't get subsidized by the government. People choose to come to me because I am useful, and some people may get a reduced rate if I don't feel that they are able to pay the full rates. But that's the difference - I make those decisions.

Now, this may be the politics of envy, but the local Chiropractor has a very nice house and very nice vehicles. He isn't doing poorly, and quite frankly, even if he loses 10% of his clientele - the bottom 10% that his association says can't afford his higher rates - he will still be able to work just as hard and will have just as nice assets, it's just that he won't be taking money out of my pocket to buy them.

In the end, that's what it all comes down to.

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