Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hidden Homelessness in Sask?

Hidden Homelessness in Sask | News Talk 650 CKOM

"People say well we don't have homelessness, it's not like Vancouver. Well, it's just not as visible here because of the cold weather. It's relative homelessness where you get people in overcrowded houses, you get people living in unsanitary or unsafe conditions."
Actually, Mr. Spooner, people living in overcrowded houses isn't homelessness, it's people living in overcrowded houses. There's a difference.

A truly homeless person has no place to go. No warm shelter that they have a right to be in, and no place to store their worldly effects.

What you are calling homeless, Mr. Spooner, can be found in every city and town throughout the world. You are assuming unsanitary conditions, and in some cases you may be right, but just because a place is "overcrowded" doesn't necessarily mean that it is "unsanitary" - that can only happen when the people living in that space let it happen. This isn't something that the state should necessarily be involved in, other than the condemn the property when it becomes uninhabitable and unfixable.

Rather than advocating on the issue of fake homelessness, Mr. Spooner, why don't you work on the problem of REAL homelessness? Why don't you work on the few people who don't or can't find a place to live and inhabit each and every night? Why don't you try to make a difference in helping those people to find a place in this world, rather than working to create a new class of people who are downtrodden and "need" our help.

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