Monday, March 1, 2010

Nova Scotia's ruling NDP fined for trade union donation

Nova Scotia's governing New Democratic Party was fined $10,000 Thursday for accepting an illegal campaign donation from a trade union group, prompting the resignation of the party's provincial secretary and an apology from its president.

Of all the things that I agree with in federal elections law, I agree with the idea that unions and corporations are specifically denied the ability to donate to parties most of all.

Now that doesn't mean that I believe that corporations and unions should be silenced from speaking out during and between elections - by all means, do what you want to advertise and speak. What it means is that the less money given to political parties is the less favours that are owed to the union or corporation after the election. If a union gives money to a political party, this influence can be hidden. If a union must attach their own name to their message, then this gives members an opportunity to decide whether the union leadership is doing what is best for ALL union members.

Of course, for many unions, it doesn't matter what the membership thinks, but I digress.

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