Saturday, March 27, 2010

U of R professors against Project Hero scholarship for dependents of fallen soldiers

U of R professors against Project Hero scholarship for dependents of fallen soldiers

A thought occurred to me about these professors and their letter of insistence that the University of Regina cancel Project Hero scholarships at the University.

They want the President of the University to cancel a scholarship program in order to devote all available resources to pressuring both levels of government into providing free education for all under the guise of "universal access".

So I have a thought on that. It's a whacky thought, I know. Given that a university tends to spend one-half to two thirds of their funding on salaries and benefits, and given that a large portion of this goes towards Professors, if you TRULY believed in the idea of universal access to a post-secondary education, then the first step should be to remove your cost which is one of the largest barriers to universal access. Your second step should be to pressure book authors and retailers to forego their profits on the textbooks so that students don't have to spend more than $100 for a book they are going to (maybe) use for 3 months. Your third step will, of course, be to ensure that your classes are not limited to a particular size, because after all, universal access means that EVERYONE should be allowed to receive your wisdom directly from the source whenever they want it.

You do these three steps, then I guarantee that we will be much closer to "universal access" than if the president of your university devoted their valuable time to pressuring governments for billions more in funding. If you don't do these steps, well, we have a philosophy around here about treating things as serious only when the people crying out for change act like it is serious.

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