Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rex Murphy: Somehow, we survived prorogation

Rex Murphy: Somehow, we survived prorogation

A timely read for a day like today.

I think that we should celebrate the "return of democracy" to Canada by phoning the nearest "progressive" and explain to them what prorogation REALLY meant.

Some people think that the government of Canada shut down during prorogation, but that's not true. Some people thought that prorogation meant that the Prime Minister was exercising a coup on the government to become a dictator, but that isn't true either. The Prime Minister worked throughout the break. The Finance Minister worked throughout the break. Other senior ministers too worked through the break. What happened is that the work of the government continued, but the opposition didn't get a chance to keep beating a dead horse. And really, THAT'S what everyone was howling about.

So now the government has used a perfectly legitimate and constitutional device to give it some breathing room in order to prepare a spring budget and a new direction for the government.

And to those who felt that it was an unethical misuse of power... I'd like to know what you thought of the coalition debate of 2008, because realistically, this break was more ethical than that attempt to usurp power was.

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