Monday, March 15, 2010

If Judges had to live with their decisions - the Hell's Angels edition

Hells Angels to face sentencing Friday and the sentences.

Not much to say about this one except wow. Just wow.

B.C. Justice Peter Leask decided a number of mitigating factors would reduce the sentences of Hells Angels members John Virgil Punko and Randy Richard Potts, including Potts' chronic back pain and a recurring abscess on his buttocks that causes him considerable pain and discomfort.

The judge sentenced Potts to one year in jail, which was much less than the 12 years requested by federal prosecutor Martha Devlin.

Punko, 43, was handed a 14-month sentence. The Crown had asked for 16 years.

I guess we know what defense should be used in court now. "I did it your honor, but you should go easy on me because of my recurring abscess on my buttocks", or maybe this one:

During sentencing, Leask said both bikers were "pawns of police" because they were low-level targets used to try to get to high-level targets within Vancouver's East End chapter of the Hells Angels.
"I did it your honor, but you should ignore the fact that I was actually manufacturing and selling drugs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because the police were just using me to get to my buddies."

Seriously though, did the judge even THINK when he handed down this decision? Did he know what the impact of this decision would be after he rendered the verdict?

I only hope that these boys get caught selling drugs outside Mr. Leasks residence next time. Maybe THEN he'd give them enough time in jail to actually think about the harm they're causing to others.

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