Friday, March 26, 2010

Corrections Worker Fired For Leak

Corrections Worker Fired For Leak (Newstalk) or if you prefer, CBC

I find it odd from reading the news reports, that the NDP feel that they have to be the de facto union for these corrections workers.

That notwithstanding, here's the thing. The Ministry has every right to fire someone if proper procedure isn't being followed. The Ministry has every right to fire an employee if that employee notifies an MLA, ANY MLA before they notify their supervisor about a problem that has occurred. Especially when the problem can be fixed or their supervisor has already made a decision about the situation.

There are people who would spin this as "he did what he thought was right", but in the real world, that decision wasn't up to him, it was up to his supervisors to determine what the right course of action was. As a result, the deputy minister too is doing what he thinks is right - making an example of the employee who not only leaked confidential information and went outside of the chain of command, but did so in such a way that the situation became politicized.

I don't think that the examples should go far enough, however. I think that an example should have been made of the MLA who, instead of receiving the information and attempting to resolve the issue through proper channels, took the information directly to the Legislature where it was used to attempt to embarrass the government for decisions that were made within the departments themselves.

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